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Preparing for the Future World of Work

Prepare for the extraordinary era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution andĀ  Singularity

About The Workshop

Disruptive technology is fundamentally transforming and enabling everything we know – who and what we are, the way we live, work and play. Disruptive technology is propelling us towards Singularity. Singularity is the point, at which Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have progressed greater than human intelligence. This creates unprecedented opportunities for the advancements of both business and humanity.

You have identified a need to speedily prepare leaders and employees for the new World of Work. Your intention is to help shift the culture and business by preparing and exposing the leadership and employees to various aspects of positive disruptive change through short, sharp, practically facilitated online Micro Learning interventions.

The purpose of this programme rests in its name. It aims to start to bridge the gaps between current and future business as well as preparing the requisite changing skill sets and competencies to enable theĀ  business and people transformation journey. Your objective is all about improving innovation, customer service delivery and a growth enabled mindset. You seek to build a prepared your internal community and build future fit capability.

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