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About Future Me Now

Disruptive Technology is fundamentally transforming and enabling everything we     know; who and what we are, the way we live, work and play. It is propelling us to work     differently, especially in the Remote Online World that requires even more collaboration   Post Covid19.

You have recognised the need to help leaders and employees PERSONALLY transform to work differently post Covid. This requires an understanding of the current changes, the impact thereof personally, on work, ways of working remotely, as well as the technological and other tools / skill sets required for “remote” collaboration.

Equally so, team members, now more than ever, need to re-develop a deep sense of their own talent, Purpose, value, each other and create their FUTURE ME NOW Brand for success. The content covered in this OD Workshop Programme is outlined in the slide below. It is key for individuals to recognise that a shifts in culture requires a shift in perception of Self and the contribution that each team member plays towards the success of their team, business and organisation.

The intention of this programme is to help shift the culture exposing the participants to various aspects of change through short Micro learning interventions of the FUTURE ME NOW programme. The purpose is to as to start bridging the gap in terms of building current and future talent capability required for success NOW and influence the requisite changing mindset, skill sets and competencies that enable personal and organisational transformation

  • Explore the future world of work post Covid, collaboration tools and the importance of becoming future fit
  • Discover what makes YOU unique, your, what drives you and how you can make the most of what you have
  • Clarify what organisations are looking for in talent in the digital age
  • Learn how you can build your distinctive value and personal brand and Value Proposition
  • Practice and tools for how to maximise your performance impact and fast-track your development
  • Identify competencies and gaps that are core to optimising your FUTURE ME NOW
  • Explore development opportunities and make the most of transitions

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