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The Secret Trilogy

Organisation Development Workshop Series

About the Workshop Series

Prepare your leadership and employees for the evolving Future World of Work (WOW) and the extraordinary eras of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Singularity. Get a grip on how the WOW is constantly changing. Explore and understand the latest disruptive technologies – What possibilities these bring for your Business, your Function and YOU! Explore the So What’s – how to innovate using disruptive technologies. Identify any gap, future skills and competencies required. Develop a Personal Action Plan (PAP) and measure progress.

This programme exposes participants to various aspects of change and helps Leaders and Employees to shift and influence their personal behaviours, team, culture and business / organisation. The purpose of the programme is to start bridging the gap in terms of developing the current and future talent capability – required NOW. The programme enables and challenges participants to shift their mindsets, identify the skill sets and competencies required as enablers for PERSONAL and ORGANISATIONAL transformation and sustainability. Get a grip on and explore the future World of Work post Covid; Identify collaboration tools and the importance of becoming “future fit”. Discover what makes YOU unique, what makes you tick, your Purpose, what drives you and how you can make the most of what you have – NOW. Clarify what Talent organisations are looking in the digital age. Build your distinctive Value Proposition and personal brand. Maximise your performance impact and fast-track your development. Identify competencies and gaps that are core to optimising your FUTURE ME NOW.

TS is a unique process for unlocking Individual, Team and Organisational wisdoms for and in any transformation journey. As part of their Knowledge Management strategies, most business / organisation  systematically invest in state-of-the-art digital and Cloud technologies.  ICT “systems” purport to enable better management of data, information and achieve business integration. “Digital transformation” is insufficient in and of itself. ERP, cloud-based systems, Knowledge Management Systems etc. others have proven to disappoint. They produce data and information. They produce reports, but not learning. They store knowledge but not wisdom. Several noted organisational benefits have been reported including: Shared  values, principles, wisdom and learning; Understanding and appreciation of authentic and sustainable Diversity and Inclusion; Improved communications and alignment; Culture change; Shared and aligned values and behaviors with those of the team / organisation; Increased self-understanding and understanding of others; Development of a common cultural and transformative framework; Shared transformation processes; Integrated knowledge management; Change and transformation vehicle used tounlock wisdom; Reduced politicking; Skills transfer and capacity building.

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