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Master Leader Programme

Enrollment ends 20 August 2021

The Master Leader Program, is a nine-month open-edu online immersion program for a new breed of leader, entrepreneurs, managers, top employees, professionals and life-long learners committed to shifting consciousness and become powerful influencers and enablers of positive, ethical change within their organisations, communities and the world at large.

About The Programme

The Master Leader Program, is a 9-month open-edu online immersion Program specifically developed for a new generation of mindful, ethical and caring leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs, managers, fast-tracked employees and life-long learners.

If you are committed to shifting consciousness and become a powerful enabler of positive change within your organisation, place of work, community and society at large, this is for you.

Take part in a nine-month online curriculum, the Master Leader Program, taught by leading socially conscious CEOs, leaders, specialist educators, and transformational wisdom teachers. Learn from our leading-edge faculty who are currently at the forefront of values-driven organisations, neuroscience, psychology, mindfulness, and social innovation.

Together, these incredible teachers and mentors will enlighten and help you and your organisations grow in consciousness and ultimately transform to become unstoppable forces of positive change.

Why Enrol For This programme?

Through the Master Leader Program, you can make sure that your lifelong impact on your work and contributions to the world can be positive and transformational. By developing your inner strengths and inter-connectedness in a mindful, intentional, and conscious way, you will enjoy masterful, meaningful and powerful engagement with the world and those around you.

Leaders Of The Future Will Be Able To

  • Employ conscious mindfulness to leverage their strengths
  • Achieve service-led, purpose-driven outcomes as a result of the inner-work
  • Create and maintain values-driven cultures
  • Create value through purpose and meaningful contributions
  • Increase innovation and productivity

As the speed of change in the world increases, these inner skills will become the differentiating factor between human beings and organisations that stagnate and those that flourish.

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