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Our Story

The Singularity Company assists businesses to grow future capabilities by preparing and enabling Business, HR and People Transformation for growth. We guide leadership to explore the complexity of systemic transformation that has a positive socio-economic impact.

About Us

Before embarking on any significant transformation journey, we conduct thorough diagnostic assessments to determine the organisational, digital and people readiness and maturity levels. Based on these results, we partner, guide and develop leading edge Digital strategies for Business as well as HR Transformation strategies.

Armed with solid strategies, (developed in collaboration with our Client’s stakeholders), we scope, prioritise and map transformation programmes and detail project plans. Based on these approved plans, we design, develop, and implement Business and HR technology solutions.

It goes without saying that the success of all Transformation Programmes require innovative, eclectic change management as well as a robust organisational development framework. Culture is THE key lever for change. Our Digital Academy and Coaching arms assist in enabling successful implementation and transformation. We ensure engagement, as we thoroughly prepare the organisation and its people to develop new capabilities.

Our projects are frequently multidisciplinary in nature, and our solutions are tailored to meet our clients’ specific rapidly changing needs and context. We are known for not accepting the status quo. We challenge, contest, provoke and shift mindsets at every level. We take great care to challenge and shift thinking, ideation and praxis. We move implementations that extend beyond current (functional and business) silos, e.g. cross functional/sector collaboration across value chains.

We require our teams to be forward thinking, positive, skilled and at the forefront of their fields with the latest skills.

5 reasons to work with The Singularity Company

We are  the Best at What We Do
At The Singularity Company we use a unique approach to add value to your business, a value that far outweighs the cost of your investment. We deliver outstanding quality, and we take the time to understand the unique challenges faced by each client in their particular context.

We Offer a Superior Business Model
As a leading business and consulting organisation, we have a proven global track record, experience, capacity and capability to size up and down across disciplines, based on our clients’ specific project requirements.

We Only Give Our Clients the Best
The Singularity Company manages multi-disciplinary project teams seamlessly, utilising the best local, national, regional and international talent available.

We Value the Ties That Bind
The Singularity Company has strong working relations with a many highly skilled, thought and practice partners who collaborate with us. We draw on our extensive global specialist business consulting network.

Our Solutions are Cost-Effective
Our operating model puts us in a strategic position to offer innovative, cost effective value to our clients.

Our Transformation Director and Chief Growth Catalyst

Photo of our Transformation Director

Stan Horwitz
Master OD and HR practitioner

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