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HR Transformation Strategies

While digital technological solutions are the foundation of HR transformation, implementation of such scale solutions involve a far greater transformation path for the entire HR Function who are enablers of business growth and ultimately sustainability.

HR Leader Priorities

People are key to business performance. Business growth is enabled by innovative people who creatively use various combinations of disruptive technologies to achieve HR and business success.

Top 5 priorities for HR leaders in 2021

We at The Singularity Company, together with our carefully selected technology and other partners, have been at the forefront of HR transformation that moves beyond the development of digital capabilities and the adoption of HR Technologies.  We work to make a fundamental difference to HR’s ability to transform itself, deliver real value whilst improving both the effectiveness and the efficiency of the function. We have a global team of future-skilled and experienced OD and HR consultants, across a variety of industries, who help to design and manage your HR transformation journey.

Our offerings within HR transformation span a number of domains and include ideating the full value chain; new HR Operating Models; HR Shared Services etc. that are built on the foundations of solid HR Technology platforms. Our goal is to help CHROs identify how their functions can operate differently in the future as well as highlight the steps they should take to get there.

The future of the HR function will comprise two main domains:

  1. HR Technology enablers / platforms / systems that shape HR operational efficiency (self-service, contact centre) using HR systems, RPA, AI, Deep learning, chatbots etc.
  2. Strategic function looking at how you attract, retain, grow and develop talent of the future in order to compete

What’s your people strategy and HR Transformation journey? Does it include and move beyond digital HR Transformation to add value?

Gartner (2021) identified five imperatives for the HR operating model of the future which we embrace as part of our integrated approach to HR transformation.

  1. Replace the HRBP role with Strategic Talent Leaders
  2. Create a dynamic pool of problem solvers
  3. Provide agile support with next-generation COEs
  4. Evolve talent analytics into human capital intelligence
  5. Build a robust HR operations and service delivery team

Questions To Ponder

We help our clients to ideate, engage and implement holistic HR transformation including embracing emergent technologies. We help you to answer the following questions:

  1. What is HR’s Purpose?
  2. Is HR transformation a strategy? An end? A means to and End an ongoing process?
  3. How is HR currently performing?
  4. What do stakeholders think, want and need from HR?
  5. What is the stakeholder experience are you trying to create / deliver on?
  6. How is and should HR services be delivered for the future world of work? What will future people models i.e. staffing models look like?
  7. What HR operating model is needed?
  8. How do you optimise your current HR business processes?
  9. How to you deign new HR Capabilities and value?
  10. What new skills / competencies will your HR community need to grow themselves?
  11. What do high performing Strategic Talent Leaders, Problem solvers; Next-generation COEs and HR operations and service delivery team deliver and evolve to? How will AI, Bots etc assist?
  12. How do we use systems reports for DATA analytics and “people wisdoms? What do we know about our people? What trends do we observe?
  13. How do we build HR consulting and OD capabilities? Where?
  14. How do we assist Leaders to lead?

Working with us

  • Access to independent thinking and implementation partner
  • Support from seasoned professionals who truly understand your business, OD, HR, transformation and change journey
  • Digital technology solutions, Change Management and high user adoption levels
  • Knowledge and experience to implement right people technologies for your business optimising your HR Business model
  • Guidance and support in engaging HR folk to achieve a growth mindset and long term behaviourial change
  • A partner who helps you build HR capabilities of the future
  • Authenticity and professionalism