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Host Your Course Through Our Digital Academy

The Singularity Company’s Digital Academy provides, leading edge, strategic, remote, online Learning Programmes for individuals and companies seeking to imagine, prepare and navigate the world beyond Covid19 i.e. into and through the complex worlds’ of Digital, 4IR and Singularity.

As an inquisitive and curious Learning and Development professional, we invite you to join our growing community of like-minded futurists who seeks to prepare and engage learners (and companies) globally to create their FUTURE SELVES. If you are a thought leader who thrives on growth and providing engaging, future orientated, on-line educational content, then we invite you to contact us for a confidential discussion.

We choose to only work on projects with like-minded professionals who seek to help clients make a positive economic and social impact. We choose to work with those who seek to create a more sustainable and equitable working world. If its business as usual that defines you, then this is the wrong platform. We are less about efficiencies and more about effectiveness in delivering content and process rich Learner Experiences (LX).

The Singularity Company’s Digital Academy is underpinned by a unique, agile platform that enables you to share your carefully constructed learning programmes amongst thousands of potential learners. The platform has unique features that enable you to scale and at the same time collaborate with your learners who in turn learn from their colleagues / like-minded collaborators. You will help learners, leaders, organisations and teams ideate, create and build their Future Selves, their new competencies and skill sets required to thrive.

The numbers: You may choose to benefit by earning significant passive income through The Singularity Company’s Digital Academy Platform. All providers of content will receive 75% of related revenues, excluding bank charges and currency fluctuations. The Intellectual Property is always retained by you the owner / content provider.

An advantage of joining The Singularity Company Community is that you will have access to 50 FREE on-line design tools that will assist you in creating engaging programme content so that your learners really optimize their digital learning experience and network experience. Our leading edge LMS enables learners to engage with content and up-skill remotely at their own pace. After completing our stringent QA process, we will host and market your content on our platform. All content that forms part of the Digital Academy is branded by The Singularity Company.

To find out more and to schedule a free Zoom meeting with one of our Directors, please CLICK HERE

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