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Transformational Storyboarding

Designed for organisations striving to initiate and sustain an innovative culture of change and transformation by unlocking innate individual and collective wisdoms. Eight Storyboard Transformers™ is unlike any other programme.

Eight Storyboard Transformers™ works at the levels of tapping deep spiritual wisdoms through the sharing of knowledge, values and behaviours to achieve real and lasting individual and organisational transformation.


Story telling has deep roots steeped in African tradition. For centuries stories have been a cornerstone for the transmission of cultures, values and systems of governance from one generation to the next. Carefully told wisdoms have been shared and passed on through ancient, well established techniques. Wisdom and learning have been shared with love, passion, care and deeply embedded value systems.

In South Africa, with the advent of our modern, fast paced technologically impatient, complex society, this age-old tradition has all but been lost. Story telling is seldomly applied and certainly has never been restored to its previous status.

Transformational storyboarding™ offers a key mechanism for unlocking individual and organisational wisdoms to achieve real and lasting individual and organisational transformation.

Transformational storyboarding™ and the Eight Storyboard Transformers™ are mechanisms specifically and uniquely developed by HRNetwork for South African organisations in our modern times of complexity using age old techniques.

As part of their Knowledge Management strategies, most South African companies and organisations have systematically invested in state of the art technological systems. These systems purport to enable better management of data, information and achieve business integration and transformation. ERP systems, Knowledge Management Systems and others have proven to be insufficient in and of themselves. They produce data, but not information. They produce reports, but not learning. They store knowledge but not wisdom. They embed “best practice processes” but not “best practice wisdoms”.

Knowledge Management further involves leaders rediscovering the benefits and pleasures of telling rich stories. Leaders in the context of Transformational storyboarding™, are defined as “anyone who has a story to tell”. Real knowledge management must include the management of the tapping into and recording of the individual and collective wisdoms and lessons learnt and transmitting these from generation to generation.

This has been hard to achieve given that most leaders have, by and large, lost touch with their own oral traditions, wisdoms and techniques that collectively formed the very history and growth of their organisations.

Many a storyteller’s role is in fact much deeper than the mere sharing of knowledge, data, information, values and behaviours. In some profound way, good storytellers are able to tap individual and collective sub-consciousness spiritual wisdoms.

Through Transformational storyboarding™, spiritual wisdoms are tapped. These spiritual wisdoms are the only true vehicle for achieving real individual and organisational transformation. The art of Transformational storyboarding™ is one that can be learnt by each and every storyteller. Each and every storyteller is a leader who is invited to embark on this innovative personal and organisational transformational journey.

Transformational storyboarding™ is a specific methodology that has been developed to tap and unlock individual and collective sub-consciousness spiritual wisdoms. The methodology unlocks wisdoms through storyboarding utilising a detailed structured framework. Wisdoms are collated and aligned to both the organisation’s stated values as well as to the specific organisational strategic objectives using a scorecard.

What will be covered?

  • Change, change cycles and patterns of change
  • Discovering “ wisdom”  through HRNetwork’s alternative Transformational Storyboarding Approach
  • Linking Organisational Strategic Planning to planned systemic change utilizing the Transformational Storyboarding Approach
  • A part “ taste” of a practical application of HRNetwork’s alternative Transformational Storyboarding to tapping individual and collective Wisdoms at conscious and subconscious levels
  • Linking individual, interpersonal, organisational and societal transformation through the power of Transformational Storyboarding

Key Learning outcomes

  • How change can be anticipated and linked in strategic planning
  • How transformation can be achieved and “sustained” through alternative, independent methodologies taping wisdom
  • How HRNetwork’s alternative Transformational Wisdom OD Approach aids Diversity Management and alignment of values, ethics and behaviours

The Storyboarding intervention is run in many ways:

  • We select, train and licence internal capacity in our clients to use the methodology and process effectively
  • We run workshops for executive team sand teams in the organisation
  • Out diverse team of experts run the programme throughout your organisation (from a pilot to a full scale organisation wide intervention)

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