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From intelligent buildings to smart cities, IoT is reshaping industries at an accelerated pace. IoT pays the way for businesses to enter new markets, formulate disruptive business models, develop new products, and elevate customer experiences. By integrating the best practices, internal expertise, and industry standers, we architect and implement secure, commercial-ready IoT solutions at a larger scale.

Our Experience with IoT

Iot consulting

IoT Technology Consulting Services

IoT isn’t a technology that operates in a silo. Enhanced by automation and AI to find new pathways to market, IoT can help curate robust solutions to solve daily problems. To be successful in today’s competitive environment requires able guidance in the realm of IoT. Our experts help you build IoT capabilities that can generate new revenue streams, enhance operational efficiency, and encourage cost reductions by providing insights and enabling you to embark on your IoT journey. Our consulting service facilitates Roadmap Creation, Business Case Preparation, Domain-based Value Stream Mapping, Use Case Definition, Solution Blueprinting, Business KPIs and ROI mapping, by leveraging our expertise to quickly validate your business case, and rapidly prototyping the solution.

Full-cycle IoT development

We are a one-stop-shop for all your IoT development related requirements and enable businesses to reduce the complexity of IoT solutions and generate data-driven intelligence from connected people and devices. We help businesses across the globe to unlock the infinite possibilities of internet-of-things by providing complete IoT development services from planning and consulting to end-to-end implementation and integration of IoT into the client’s infrastructure. Our development service helps you to deploy device-specific applications and provide complete backend and API development support. Thus helping you to reach your business goal and make the most of IoT development technology. Our experts merge gateways, edge devices, and cloud platforms to equip you with a perfectly-architected IoT ecosystem.

IoT analytics

IoT data is highly unstructured, making it challenging to analyze with traditional analytics and business intelligence tools designed to process structured data. We help businesses to draw actionable insights from IoT data by curating robust IoT analytics solutions. Our experts guide your business to benefit from IoT insights without having to deal with the hurdles of IoT analytics solution implementation, with our full-cycle IoT analytics solution development, starting from needs analysis up to the solution’s launch and after-launch support and evolution. For businesses that want to circumvent implementing and sustaining an in-house IoT analytics solution but still want to enjoy IoT insights, we offer IoT analytics as a service by providing you with a bird’s eye view with regular and ad-hoc reports. At the same time, we handle the IoT analytics solution’s technical realization.

IoT Solution Testing

While organizations are preparing themselves to become IoT ready, the road to IoT Analytics is fraught with challenges. Quality and Performance form the foundation of IoT devices to operate and interconnect seamlessly. We guarantee to test the end-to-end functionality of multiple devices across different platforms. Businesses face difficulties in testing and automating the user journey from device to cloud, and in scaling and delivering seamless user experience. Our experts offer holistic testing services, from edge to cloud, comprising of multiple devices/sensors, connectivity, cloud, and multi-interface applications. Our testing methodology emphasizes end-to-end automation to achieve maximum test coverage and realize cost savings on massive IoT infrastructure and operations with the help of new-age tools and technologies, cloud partnerships, and knowledge of the operational technique.

IoT Testing
IoT Security

IoT Security

Security is the number one concern for any business deploying or implementing IoT solutions. Vulnerable devices connected directly to the network are easy recruits for botnets and other threats. The connected ecosystem brings diverse sets of devices, capabilities, and network protocols, posing complex operational and security challenges. Our experts provide business with administration console, policy, and reports on the hierarchical grouping of IoT devices making it simple to apply policies for massive IoT deployments. Our security solutions blend modern integrity management and encryption technologies to help you build connected systems with trust at their roots by addressing data, infrastructure, and identity across environments and devices through their lifecycle​. Our experts are capable of preventing malicious activity by identifying unsolicited traffic from web crawlers and other bots, which reduces battery life, consumes data plans and creates bill contention.

Wearable Technology

Wearables are devices incorporated into accessories that can be worn comfortably and facilitate tracking information on a real-time basis. Even before the wearable technology entered the civilian market, these devices were used in the military as an integral part of the medical and healthcare sector in the military forces. The goal of a wearables device is to smoothly enter users’ daily lives and become functional with ease. The hands-free nature of wearable computing devices makes it very useful for businesses. Over the years, our expertise in the field of solution development for wearables & IoT devices helped our team to gain a 360-degree view of the entire wearable ecosystem, including enabling technologies. Our wearable technology solutions can support your business with insights to innovate, track, and get actionable insights.