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Transformation Maturity Diagnostics

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With complex problems to solve, limited resources and funding, organisations can’t afford to have innovation and transformation disconnected from Digital Business Strategies. At The Singularity Company, we assist your organisation with keeping both innovation and transformation connected to bespoke purpose-led Digital Business Strategies developed by us for your business.

While digital technological solutions are the foundation of HR transformation, implementation of such scale solutions involve a far greater transformation path for the entire HR Function who are enablers of business growth and ultimately sustainability.

  • Designing and implementing human centered HR Transformation journeys

We help grow your business to the next level with cutting-edge technologies, disruptive business models, excellent resources and robust solutions.

Design, build and implement leading Digital Business Technologies and Software that grows future capability

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Design, build and implement leading HR Technologies and Software that grows future capability

Change Management forms part of an inclusive and integral role within Organisation Development (OD), which is a conscious transformative leap to a desired future, in a planned manner utilising and unlocking a body of data, knowledge, wisdoms and practice. The goal is to positively enhance organisational effectiveness, performance and individual development.

  • Managing Change and Transition (Change Leadership, Change Management, Engagement, Behavorial Change, Adoption and Alignment)

Digital Business strategy, Business strategy and HR strategies all require an organisational culture that is enabling, engaging and that moves people towards the achievement of the shared business Purpose, vision and goals.

The Singularity Company’s Digital Academy provides, leading edge, strategic, remote, online Learning Programs for individuals and companies seeking to imagine, prepare and navigate the world beyond Covid19 i.e. into and through the complex worlds’ of Digital, 4IR and Singularity.

  • Enabling growth and learning at our Digital Academy – Growing the Next Generation Capabilities and Skills 

The Singularity Company’s handpicked coaches assist you to challenge and develop yourself and your thinking through a structured process of confidential online coaching sessions. Future proof yourself by developing your Executive, Senior Management and/or Subject Matter Expert skill-sets required for success and impact in the Digital and 4IR business world. Connect practically anywhere – virtually everywhere.

  • Providing access to personalised Digital Coaching

Organisations are rapidly developing and employing different strategies to align their services and solutions with the volatile and ever-changing market. As with the constantly evolving and developing business and Human Capital domains, Project Management methodologies and tools too have evolved and matured.

Transform your business today