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General Information

The Singularity Company is a market-shifting platform that facilitates the buying and selling of Professional Singularity related Services directly between Contingent Workers (CW), Training Partners (TP) and Clients. These Professional Services can be for any defined period and purpose and are usually specialised services in the Singularity Subject Matter categories.

Note that throughout our platform we use the words ‘Contingent Worker’ and ‘Training Partner’. What is the difference between a Contingent Worker and a Training Partner?

  • A Contingent Worker is a freelancer, independent contractor, consultant, coach or other outsourced and non-permanent worker
  • A Training Partner offers Singularity related training events

Clients appreciate that The Singularity Company eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming intermediaries. Regarding quality, The Singularity Company insists on meaningful and accurate information from CWs, TPs and Clients to optimise user interaction and minimise time-to-transact.

Clients use our highly effective and intuitive search functionality to pinpoint preferred CWs and TPs to search, book and contract their services and training.

The Singularity Company also accommodates Clients’ needs to secure CW Services on a permanent basis. If you are interested in using such services please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail:

CWs appreciate The Singularity Company who advertises them as ‘small businesses’. We bring Clients to them, increasing CWs visibility to top companies and a broader potential customer base who have demands for Professional CW Services. CWs and TPs set their own prices for their Professional Services and Training.

Importantly, we provide revenue collection services which improves on revenue collection times and reliability of payment.

New User FAQ

The Singularity Company is specifically aimed at the professional CW and TP on-demand workforce. CWs list their services on The Singularity Company, and Clients place Orders for such Services online.


Clients are presented with meaningful self-assessment summaries by CWs and TPs of their skills range and work experience.

Clients search, select and analyze CWs and TPs profiles and make approaches only to those CWs and TPs most suited to Client roles and requirements.


Clients using The Singularity Company have a need for critical skills that are most often not available at short notice!


Professional, independent CWs and TPs using The Singularity Company want the flexibility, freedom and diversity that the short-to-medium-term provision of their services provides. They value our deep knowledge of recruitment and our access to a large and high-quality Client base. CWs and Training Partners benefit from The Singularity Company’s revenue collection service and become part of a dynamically growing community.

Applicable local law (case law and legislation) will determine the legal status and relationship between CWs and Clients. Such relationship will determine whether the Client is obligated to deduct pay-as-you-earn taxes and other applicable levies.


Note that The Singularity Company does not make any representations in this regard or intend to or provide any form of legal advice in this regard and takes no responsibility for any reliance on any other information provided in relation to employment and employment law.


By using The Singularity Company, you are contracting directly with the Client. The Singularity Company is merely the facilitating portal that enables Clients to view your Profile and transact with you. The Singularity Company also assists with the collection of CW or TP revenues from Clients.

You are entering into a short-to-medium-term contract for the provision of CWs services on terms agreed upon between CWs and the Client. Whether such arrangement is ‘employment’ will depend on the applicability of local Labour law. The Singularity Company does not make any representations in this regard. Typically, if the contract is repeatedly extended then it is often regarded as a permanent appoint by many legal systems globally.

No, The Singularity Company is a web-based platform that enables advertising, sourcing and booking. These services are the basis for upon which The Singularity Company charges its fees.

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Get to know other CWs and TPs, and share experiences and tips about The Singularity Company related topics. Use this forum to address more ‘advanced’ topics that you can brainstorm with other members. As always, remember to respect The Singularity Company Community Guidelines when you interact in these Forums.

User FAQ

You are entering into a short-to-medium-term contract for the provision of CW services. All bookings and payments must to be made directly through The Singularity Company Website. Any deviation from this by the Client or CW will be regarded a breach of contract based on the T&Cs on the site. All rights reserved thereto The Singularity Company.

CWs cannot contact new Clients. The only way to communicate with a Client is through Order Correspondence once an Order Inquiry is initiated.

Clients are invoiced by The Singularity Company on behalf of CWs immediately when an Order is confirmed. CW Payments are paid out 3 days after the Client has approved satisfactory completion of the services.

Should there be any disputes between the client and the CW pertaining to the delivery of the service or the quality thereof, these must be be resolved between the two parties. The Singularity Company will ONLY release payment to the CW upon confirmation from the client that he or she has approved such.

Account FAQ

Signing up to The Singularity Company is free. Users registering to make use of The Singularity Company platform and services may transact (purchase or sell CW services and TP training events). You will be sent a confirmation and welcome email with an activation link. If you do not use your activation link within 24 hours, the link will expire. You can request a new link by signing in again.


To Create an Account:

  1. Click ‘Register’
  2. Choose if you want to register as a CW, TP or Client
  3. Enter your name and surname
  4. Enter your email address
  5. Enter your password
  6. Confirm your password
  7. Within the email you receive from The Singularity Company, click the provided link to Activate your Account
  8. After your account is active, you can transact on The Singularity Company

To join The Singularity Company with Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn:

  1. Click ‘Register’.
  2. Click ‘Sign Up’ with LinkedIn, Facebook or Google Connect.
  3. To continue with the registration, Sign in to your account. You will see the information that The Singularity Company uses with this connect feature.

A strong password:

  • Is at least six characters long;
  • Contains a mixture of letters, numerals and symbols;
  • Does not contain your username, real name, or company name;
  • Does not contain a complete word;
  • Is significantly different from previous passwords.

It is recommended that you change your password every three months.

To reset your password:

  1. Once logged in, click Profile > Settings.
  2. In the Password section, enter your new password, and confirm it.
  3. Click Save Changes.

Note: The stronger your password is, the better protected your account will be.