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Project specialist freelancers

Locate, source and hire a leading-edge subject-matter expert Freelancer. Each freelancer is equipped to help you to innovate, develop and prepare your organisation for the future while working on your projects.

These vetted Professionals have met the minimum requirements of The Singularity Company’s standards. Our specialists are not focused on “business as usual”. Rather, they seek to guide, educate, advise and contribute their specialist skills to assist clients to develop/refine their innovative business, digital, people strategies and models. Our Freelancers provide implementation skills related to their experience and subject matter specialisation.

All invoicing is managed, processed, regulated and administered by The Singularity Company *

*T&Cs apply

Our Highly Recommended Freelancers

Stan H.


Carl B.


Mariheca O.

Cape Town

Deborah H.


Quang L.

Washington DC