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Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation of projects, programmes, programmes of change and transformation (both within business and public sector clients) remains core to service delivery and improvement of effectiveness and efficiency.

It is only through structured, systematic, monitoring and evaluation mechanisms; honest and unbiased, objective, impartial, data analysis and reporting that programmes can be fairly assessed. This is absolutely necessary so that changes and improvements can be made in order to positively programme outcomes and impact. The Singularity Company provides such service to clients. We do not shy away from conflict and controversy. We confront issues head-on in the past and strive to align stakeholders expectations while shifting perceptions and realities improved programmatic outcomes based on objective measurement.

At The Singularity Company we provide clients with a full spectrum and methodology within a framework of improvements following a thorough monitoring and evaluation process. Our methodology involves us:

  • Understanding the current context
  • Reviewing all documentation relating to the program context, objectives; outcomes matrix etc
  • Interviewing selected stakeholders to gather data
  • Developing data gathering techniques and methodologies both quantitative and qualitative
  • Project planning the monitoring and evaluation
  • Checking the existing mechanisms and efficacy thereof
  • Gathering data (quantitatively and qualitatively)
  • Analysing data
  • Collating data
  • Developing reports with recommendations action plans and remedial action mitigating risks
  • Developing an agreed realistic action plan amongst stakeholders
  • Presenting reports

Core to the success of all our projects at The Singularity Company, has been the realisation of the need to integrate stakeholder expectations ensuring they move beyond the “politics of politics” and follow SMART Outcomes and objectives

This is key top measuring the ROI and that results within the short, medium and long-term to maximise impact of the relevant program.