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Consulting Services


The Singularity Company’s team of handpicked change, subject matter consultants and project managers are available practically and virtually everywhere. We support you to develop and/or refine your digital business and people strategies as well as in the implementation thereof. Our highly skilled, global, diverse and virtual teams provide digital and transformation consulting services in the key areas of specialisation described below. Prepare to make a successful impact in the Digital and 4IR business world. Save money and time by contracting us directly.

Our Consulting Services

Envisioning The Business Transformation And Change Journey

Designing Digital Strategy For Business: Next Generation Enterprise

Target Operating Models For Business and HR in the digital economy

Digital Technologies: Enabling Value Propositions For Sustainability

HR, Talent And Learning Strategies For The Future World OF Work

Organisation Architecture / Design

Organisational Culture For 2045

Change Management: People and behaviour

Programme & Project Management

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