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Client Experience

Public Listed Company

Project: Talent Management and Business Transformation

I have worked with Stan Horwitz and his team in the field of change management, talent management, performance management and organisation development. Over a two-year period, they provided support to one of our major vehicle operations (approximately 12,000 global employees) to establish and embed a robust and holistic talent management practice and processes.

Equally so they supported the evolving business change process and provided valuable input in this regard. Stan and the team engaged all stakeholders with respect and honesty in order to achieve the best outcomes for both the organisation as well as for employees.

As a program leader, Stan in particular demonstrated credible leadership qualities and has a gravitas that quickly earns him the trust of his clients.

I have always been more than completely satisfied with their best practice and practical approach to every situation which ensured that a fit for purpose outcome is achieved.

The client feels that a tailored solution always meets their expectations.

Taryn Marcus
Group Executive – Organisational Effectiveness (Now HR Director Group Transformation NTT)

Public Listed Company

Project: Talent Management and Business Transformation

Stan and his team were required to work closely with human capital practitioners and senior business leaders during the implementation of a major talent management and business change process over a two-year period.

As programme manager, Stan not only demonstrated considerable expertise but also reflected such in the disciplines of change management project management, leadership and organisation development.

In addition, strong business acumen was demonstrated and as such he related well and grew credibility with a variety of members of Senior and top management in the organisation.

In addition to the implementation journey, Stan was requested by Renault as well as Kia to develop Business Strategy and Leadership workshops and facilitate sessions with their respective Exco teams.

I strongly recommend him and his team as Human Capital, Change and Business Strategy consultants.

Otto Koornhof
Motus Human Capital Head: Importers and Financial Services

Public Listed Company

Project: HR, Talent Management and Business Transformation

Stan and his team helped us to develop a structured and deliberate approach to our people and our bottom line. This in a practical manner that empowered the business to continue once the consultants left.

His passion and expertise were evident in the excellent workshops we did. I found his input invaluable in some work we have started on building an employee value proposition and business transformation. I have no hesitation to recommend him and his team as Business and Human Capital consultants.

Gary Scott

Private Sector

Project: Strategy, HR, OD, Talent Management, Business and HR Transformation

Stan Horwitz and his team provided guidance in a number of areas to our business over a three-year period. These included:

  • Business strategy input and facilitation
  • Organisation design and role profiling
  • Employee performance management systems
  • Senior Management development and coaching
  • Organisational culture assessments and change (climate surveys action plans and implementation)
  • Supervisory development and training

During the three years Stan and his team’s services were utilised for around 70 hours per month. The business was facing significant challenges leading to changes in both business direction and the people employed in senior positions.

As programme leader and acting Head of HR, Stan was often called on to “hold the fort” as well as being involved in the recruitment process for the Executive vacancies.

Stan is a man of integrity and served our business of passion and commitment. Our Executive Team will remember his energy and that he could be relied upon as s sensible sounding board for Business and HR Related challenges.

Simon Cummings
Managing Director

Public Listed Company

Project: Future World of Work

Stan Horwitz facilitated a fantastic keynote session focused on the new World of Work, digitisation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution at our recent group Legal and Secretariat conference which was attended by approximately 130 delegates from across Africa.

This session was primary predominantly attended by legal advisory and company Secretaries based in our global operations throughout the African continent.

The session was extremely relevant in light of the current challenges facing employees in an environment of continuous change, necessitating continual evolution.

Stan created engagement with the audience and had the ability to effectively convey the subject matter in an engaging manner.

This was outstanding. Thank you, Stan, for your energy and enthusiasm. Your work is exceptional.

Terusha Ramchund
Group Company Secretariat and Corporate Governance

Public Listed Company

Project: Strategy, Future World of Work, Leadership Development and Capability Building

Stan just a big thank you from me for a job very well done. The way you are able to adequately touch on all the relevant points exposing my team to the future World of Work, while keeping everyone engaged and interested made the sessions and the entire process over a period of time a huge success.

To experience how enthusiastically my team engaged with the various topics covered and the willingness to be curious and learn was just amazing! Big credit to you for bringing great energy to the sessions, engaging people, and just creating a fun and creative environment for us to learn about the future world of work and business as well as the requisite skills needed by us to prepare our future.

Derick van Rooyen
IT Executive

Public Listed Company

Project: Strategy, Change Management, Change capability building; Establishment of PMO; Strategic Alignment

Business and Technology Services a predominantly information technology division within the Metropolitan group were in a partnership for two years with Stan and his team. The role in this partnership have ranged from expert advice on change projects, focused sessions to staff through to strategic alignment workshops.

The dedication, commitment and thorough understanding of our business needs had played a strong role in our division realising its business strategies. We therefore recommend that any organisation that really wants to ensure that an equitable and thorough change processes is set in place utilise their professional services.

Ilse Coetzee
Executive B&TS

Public Listed Company

Project: SAP ERP Change Management

I had the opportunity to work closely with Stan who was an external consultant during ASAP implementation project. Stan was responsible for the change management facets of the project and provided both great strategic focus to the executive team as well as empathetic support to the change agents and employees affected by the change. He is able to successfully integrate the technical and human elements in order to ensure effective project implementation. Amongst other interventions we conducted a comprehensive organisational readiness assessment as a vehicle for driving the change.

Anthony Hill
SFW Strategic Adviser

State Enterprise

Project: Merger and Acquisition, Business Change and Change Management

The team led by Stan Horwitz was appointed to assist with the merger of AIDC and the SPDC to form a new entity with an expanded mandate.

Both entities were diverse in their business and are government owned. They operated in a very demanding automotive environment, so a challenging process was anticipated.

The appointment as service provider was also done relatively late and they were brought on board three months prior to the merger effective date. Despite this they endeavoured to support the process by going well beyond their mandate and had to respond to changes very often in plans and additional reporting deadlines with extremely short notice.

The teams led by Stan and Debbie always conducted themselves professionally and understood the challenges that are environments brought. In doing so we managed to focus on the key deliverables and successfully complete this project. This involved the business transformation in the merger process, the human capital aspects and the enormous change management aspects.

Barlow Manilal
Chief Executive Officer
Automotive Industrial Development Centre (AIDC)

Public Sector

Project: Technology - Web based Performance Management System, Change Management, and user Adoption

Mr Horwitz and his team were awarded a tender for the automation of a performance management system for VUT.

This included the provision of an automated performance management system for employee performance management aligned with organisational performance management. It required both the system the project implementation and the change management and training of all resources.

Mr Horwitz and his company consistently delivered high quality results and communication activities. The professionalism and discipline displayed ensure that the project was completed on time and within quality specifications. Of critical importance in an environment where changes easily resisted, Mr Horwitz successfully led the technology change project as a change manager using an agile and flexible approach that engaged all stakeholders and the business.

I can without reservation recommend the company to the education industry.

Cello Gardner
HR Executive
Vaal University of Technology

Public Sector

Project: Culture change and transformation

It gives me great pleasure to recommend the Stan Horwitz and his company for the outstanding work they have delivered for the South African Human Rights Commission.

Their services were solicited for an organisational culture review project. Very tight deadlines were imposed on the project team due to the financial period coming to an end at the time the project was approved.

The company was able to deliver on the project under these extremely tight deadlines under the guidance of Stan Horwitz. The project was aimed at reigniting and improving a healthy organisational climate and culture in the commission.

I was extremely satisfied with the outputs the consultants delivered to the Commission which was consistent with the expertise they exhibited at the briefing stage of the project when we first interacted with Mr Stan Horwitz who as project leader demonstrated remarkable skills and knowledge of the project and linkage to the Commission Purpose and Mission.

He was able to accept requests which are outside the contract and delivered on those aspects as a value add. The deliverables achieved were presented in a simple yet comprehensive project plan with clear milestones, activities, timelines and estimated costs linked to each activity. This assisted us greatly in the budget planning and implementation phases of the project. The whole team demonstrated a great deal of professionalism more particularly when engaging with the senior Political Leadership.

I would therefore recommend Stan Horwitz and his team for any opportunity to contribute their expertise.

Adv. Tseliso Thipantane

Public Sector

Project: Business Strategy

The team assisted the city of Cape Town’s traffic department in the development of a business strategy the knowledge on the development of strategy demonstrated was excellent the facilitation definitely added value to the Department the senior leadership were most impressed by the professionalism displayed throughout the entire process.

Barry Gouws
Business Improvement Director

Public Sector

Project: Oracle and SAP ERP / Change Management / HR Strategy / Engagement

Namport were supported with consulting services primarily in the spheres of:

  • Strategic facilitation
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Climates audit and change readiness
  • Human resource strategy formulation and facilitation
  • Change Management training
  • Facilitation of the change processes both business and people
  • ERP systems implementation change management

The consulting teams’ solid grounding in stakeholder engagement, non-prescriptive approach coupled with the practical methodologies were all instrumental in the ongoing success of Namport’s change management processes.

The team exceeded expectations and delivered under extremely tight project deadlines. Their project management ability and sense to cope with complexity won them the respect of the business executive with whom they closely interacted as well as with all levels of staff. Thank you Stan.

Jacob Orange
Senior Manager: Organisation Development and Training

Public Sector

Project: Learning and Development rollout

Stan and his team have been very good over the years and have a very hands-on approach to the job – they become part of your team.

We launched a new product in short space of time and the consultants came on board, got up to speed and did the training as if they’d been involved with our business for years.

Noteworthy is that they remain involved even after the job has been completed and provide guidance to you through-out the challenge post implementation.

Ingrid du Toit
Land Bank Senior Programme Manager

Public Sector

Project: Oracle system, Change Management, Design and implementation of a integrated business and human Performance Management System

I have known and worked with Stan Horwitz and his company who are professional management and human capital consultant for over 15 years. Stan has provided consulting services to the Parliament of South Africa facilitating and advising encore and critical organisational improvements through the introduction of key systems.

These included the upgrade of an Oracle system and associated change management; the design and implementation of a integrated business and human Performance Management System; Job evaluation and grading for the Parliamentary administration.

Moreover, his company was a preferred consultancy and independent advisers on recruitment and talent panels Executive and Senior management appointments. During 2015, I collaborated with his consultancy. During this time we successfully concluded an analytical, strategic audit and business review of the service delivery for the City of Cape Town spanning a 10 year period.

Stan has a wealth of experience and knowledge in both the Public and Private sector in South Africa and abroad. He has served as a coach and mentor to me and many other colleagues in his consultancy. He shares his knowledge with colleagues freely and is a consummate leader and motivator, always encouraging others to think and act creatively with bold innovation.

Stan has always impressed me as a humble person. He and his teams approach every assignment no matter how big or small, with enthusiasm and vigour They always deliver on their commitment and advise freely and where improvements can be made in the interests of institutions, companies, and organisations.

Dr Leon Gabriel
Divisional Executive: Knowledge and Information Services

Public Sector

Project: Human Resources Systems transformation, re-organising and optimising business processes

I have known Stan for the past eighteen years, having worked with him in his capacity as a business consultant at Parliament.

Stan and his company successfully re-engineered and helped transform our Human Resources Systems. I can attest to their acumen at re-organising and optimising business processes. These processes required tactful approaches to and communication with politicians and general staff in a highly unionised environment.

As a Client Engagement Lead, Programme Manager and SME, Stan’s well-honed skills in communication and customer relations put him in a good stead to navigate an exceedingly difficult environment. Stan and the team he led acquitted themselves well and successfully completed these projects on business processes’ re-engineering. His well-developed project management skills enabled us to complete these projects within the acceptable time frames and within allocated budgets.

I recommend Stan and his company for any projects in the public and legislative sectors which require transformation consulting.

Nomonde Keswa
Past Executive Head Legislation and Oversight

Public Sector

Project: Human Resources Strategy and transformation, Business strategic facilitation

We have recently had the pleasure of working with Stan Horwitz and his team of consultants in developing a human capital development strategy.

We found the company responsive to our needs and willing to accommodate the very tight frame timeframes set by the organisation for the completion thereof.

The facilitated workshops were very interactive and generated lots of participation and engagement. The Final Draft of the strategy was approved with very little amendments to the content which proved that even in such a short period the team understood our business and were able to produce a strategy that is both practical and implementable.

I would definitely recommend you them for any projects. In the past have also assisted our organisation with the facilitation of various processes relating to business strategy. I found them to be the experts in the field and the services they rendered to be professional and of a high quality and standard.

Rowena Vaughan
HR Director

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