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The unplanned, accelerated
rise of the Remote
Working Movement

COVID-19 challenges traditional Working Models

By: The Singularity Company – 13 March 2020

With the spread of COVID 19 to almost over 20 countries, it is not just humanity that is massively impacted but equally businesses and the global economy. Never have we witnessed such massive stock market loss and panic.

Living in digital times, we, unfortunately, cannot control what is written and shared on social media. Hysteria has risen, and paranoia is out of control. Workforces prefer to stay at home to prevent possible contamination, while others are encouraged to stay at home if they think they have been contaminated. In summary, the workplace becomes empty and productivity sinks. Therefore the inevitable of costs to business skyrockets.

Remote Work

Remote working is a practice that has come about with the development of the information age. Workforces are able to enjoy their 9-5 jobs from within the comfort of their own homes. You may think this is a bad thing, but studies have shown that working remotely has greater benefits and yields higher productivity. Especially as we progress in time, remote working is a system that has slowly been rolled out in large corporate entities as a means to increase productivity through workforces. Despite what is happening at this time, remote working, with the right technological enablers, is a system that prevents drops in productivity and cost to businesses – and we know-how.

Practically anywhere – virtually everywhere

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