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GET AHEAD OF THE CURVE – The Disruption Curve

By: Stan Horwitz – 20 March 2020

Thought Leaders are sharing their views that the Corona virus will (and should) exponentially expedite the rate of digital adoption. While I agree with such sentiments, I would hasten to add that a thorough and robust Digital Strategy for Business is required BEFORE further digital projects are initiated or adopted. If not, it could well be a case of “hit and miss” in search of the proverbial magic silver bullet.

Digitising processes and touchpoints do not transform a business or business model. At best they may improve existing processes and make them more efficient. Kodak still went bust, hotels are still being disrupted by Airbnb and leading 3IR businesses are being disintermediated overnight despite their best digital efforts. Competition is no longer the domain of the established traditional industry players. Let’s watch out for those blind spots in our desperate search for simple “quick wins”. This is definitely not the time for a plaster approach.

As a Value Creator and Transformation Consultant, I assist clients to create value.

Through a series of structured online, facilitated mini-consultation workshops / Coaching sessions, I will help you (and your team) develop your business digital strategies, value propositions, value networks and so much more. I bring my 30 years consulting experience along with the very latest frameworks, thinking, tools, case studies and technologies to help you effectively (re)think and ideate to create. Let’s learn from Corona – Prepare for disruption or become the Disrupted. Your choice. Everything is possible.

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