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Bring on the Roaring 20s – The 2020s that is

By: The Singularity Company – 31 December 2019

Are you ready?

As we say cheers to yet another decade, we welcome a new one with a sense of excitement and optimism – bring it on!

Like you, we have been contemplating 2020 and the decade to follow with regards to understanding its meaning and opportunities for businesses, organisations, economies, technology, people and society.

2020 & The Singularity Company

We have spent the past year developing and refining our role in the current and future business and organisational world. Through many iterations, new developments, and with lots of hard work from our developmental team, we are more than excited to welcome you to our new-upgraded platform at The Singularity Company. Our journey is an exciting and evolving one. We host and provide new services in preparing current and new clients in their digital journey towards Singularity – a more sustainable and improved world. Our disruptive, value-add client solutions offered on our platform include:  

Direct procurement of leading Consulting Services to develop and implement your Digital Strategy:
Digital Strategy Formulation and implementation in the 4IR.

Procurement of Digital Project Resources:
Easy hiring of Specialist freelancers, consultants and contingent workers for your Digital, 4IR and Singularity projects.

Procurement of Digital Skills Programmes to build internal capability:
Procure leading skills development programmes, coaching and training courses to build organisational capability during the 4th Industrial Revolution and in crafting your CX and EX journey toward Singularity Bespoke Headhunting for your senior digital transformation journey.

Last thoughts

We look forward to continuing engagement with you and value you as part of our community as we continue to prepare and develop businesses, organisations and people for their futures.

From all of us at The Singularity Company, we wish you an exponential 2020 and success in the new decade.

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