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Growing Future Capabilities

We inspire, prepare and help our clients to innovate, grow and successfully transform their businesses and HR functions.

We support clients to utilise various combinations of enabling digital technologies powered by people to effect transformation.

Digital Transformation And Beyond

“The future is all about Human-Centered business growth working with Bots and AI to create abundance – humans will always be at the centre especially as we move toward Singularity.”

Stan Horwitz

Our Services & Capabilities

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Our Services & Capabilities Explored

Most existing Models for Change & Transformation are not sophisticated enough to deal with today’s VUCA environment and Advanced Organisation Systems. An organisation’s current capabilities and their respective maturities determine their current performance and change capabilities which often do not reflect the capabilities needed to achieve their Business, HR Transformation, Change & Improvement objectives.

With complex problems to solve, limited resources and funding, organisations can’t afford to have innovation and transformation disconnected from Digital Business Strategies. At The Singularity Company, we assist your organisation with keeping both innovation and transformation connected to bespoke purpose-led Digital Business Strategies developed by us for your business.

We help grow your business to the next level with cutting-edge technologies, disruptive business models, excellent resources and robust solutions. Design, build and implement leading Digital Business Technologies and Software that grow future capabilities.

While digital technology solutions are the foundation of HR transformation, the implementation of such scale solutions involves a far greater transformation path for the entire HR Function who are enablers of business growth and ultimately sustainability. Design and implement sustainable and effective human-centred HR Transformation journeys for your company’s organisation.

The Singularity Company offers a comprehensive, systemic and holistic HR Transformation Strategy service. HR Transformation Strategy can also include our Human Resource Transformation Technologies for Digital HR Transformation. Design, build and implement leading HR Technologies and Software that grow future capabilities.

Managing Change and Transition forms part of an inclusive and integral role within Organisation Development (OD). This is a conscious transformative leap to a desired future, utilising and unlocking a body of data, knowledge, wisdom and practice. The goal is to enhance organisational effectiveness, performance and individual development.

Digital Business strategy, Business strategy and HR strategies all require an organisational culture that is enabling, engaging and that moves people towards the achievement of the shared business Purpose, vision and goals.

Organisations are rapidly developing and employing different strategies to align their services and solutions with the volatile and ever-changing market. As with the constantly evolving and developing business and Human Capital domains, Project Management methodologies and tools too have evolved and matured.

The Singularity Company’s Digital Academy enables the growth of Next Generation Capabilities and Skills by providing leading edge, strategic, remote, online learning programmes for individuals and companies seeking to imagine, prepare and navigate the world beyond Covid19 i.e. into and through the complex worlds’ of Digital, 4IR and Singularity. 

The Singularity Company’s handpicked digital and personalised coaches assist you to challenge and develop yourself and your thinking through a structured process of confidential online coaching sessions. Future proof yourself by developing your Executive, Senior Management and/or Subject Matter Expert skill-sets required for success and impact in the Digital and 4IR business world. Connect practically anywhere – virtually everywhere.


Comprehensive Solutions

Our comprehensive digital innovation, growth and transformation solutions help to position businesses at the forefront of disruptive technological change. We help you to make sense of complexity and develop your Post-Covid 19 Digital Business and People (HR) Strategies through combinations of disruptive technologies, empowered by talent.

Save Time & Money

We save you time and money by connecting you directly to a “One-Stop-Shop” for all business innovation, growth and transformation solutions that ensure success and sustainability.


The Singularity Company’s provisions enable you to transform your business from start to finish, and beyond. Our services and capabilities are available virtually everywhere and practically anywhere. Contact us now to begin transforming your business.

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The Singularity Company works toward creating a purposeful working world through digital business and people transformation that has positive sustainable economic AND social impact.

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